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Simulated imagery from RTTOV and the UKV

This page gives some examples of simulated imagery generated using the RTTOV fast radiative transfer code.

Met Office UKV NWP system

The Met Office UKV is a regional NWP system with fixed 1.5km resolution over the UK, stretching to 4km resolution over surrounding areas. The Unified Model is used, with 744(622 @ 1.5 km) × 928(810 @ 1.5 km) grid points. There are 70 levels extending to ∼40km altitude, and the model runs with a 50s (or 30s) timestep. There are currently 4 runs/day, generally to T+36. Lateral boundary conditions come from the 12 km NAE model every half hour, with the initial state currently updated using 3DVAR and latent-heat nudging. Further details of the UKV model can be found here.

Simulated imagery from RTTOV

Shown below are simulated 8.7μm images generated from UKV model analysis fields using RTTOV v7 (upper panel) alongside real images from the SEVIRI instrument obtained within a few minutes of the analysis time (lower panel). The images are 3-hourly and date from the 16th and 17th of February 2010. Further information on the generation of simulated SEVIRI imagery can be found here.

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