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  Observation Monitoring

Monitoring of Surface Marine Data

The Met Office shares in WMO co-ordinated monitoring of the Global Observing System, by acting as lead centre for monitoring the quality of surface marine observations. This encompasses observations from ships, drifting buoys, moored buoys and other fixed marine platforms. One of the tasks as lead centre is to compile the Biannual Report on the Quality of Marine Surface Observations.

The Met Office also holds a monitoring role in the international Voluntary Observing Ships (VOS) scheme. Tables of monitoring statistics for the individual ships in the VOS fleets (as listed in WMO's "Pub 47" document) and overall timeliness data are now produced by the Met Office each month and can be found via the following links:

VOS Monthly Monitoring Reports

VOS Monthly Time of Receipt Statistics

Drifting Buoy Monthly Monitoring Statistics

VOS Ranking Lists - Monthly and Annual Ship Scores

VOS-Clim Monthly Monitoring

Biannual Report on the Quality of Marine Surface Observations

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