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This page shows a list of links at the Met Office to monitor the performance of the SST retrievals from the AATSR instrument onboard the ENVISAT satellite. The Met Office recieves ESA's AATSR Meteo product daily which contains a skin SST plus brightness temperatures at 10 x 10 arcminute spatial resolution. The product is used to estimate a skin SST from the brightness temperatures at the Met Office, and to derive a bulk SST by applying a skin effect correction. Global maps of various SSTs (skin and bulk) are updated daily. Comparisons of the estimated bulk and skin SSTs against buoy SSTs are updated weekly, whilst further validation plots against the HadISST1 analyses are updated once a month.

Show AATSR validation plots

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AATSR Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer
SST Sea Surface Temperature
HadISST Hadley Centre Sea Ice and Sea Surface Temperature dataset

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